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Illinois Fence Company is one of the fastest-growing and highest-rated local fence companies serving Oak Forest, IL, and the surrounding Suburbs of the greater Chicagoland area. We encourage you to visit Oak Forest to see our work in person. And then, ask your family, friends, and colleagues why they choose Illinois Fence as their number one choice for fence installation year over year! With Orland Park and Naperville locations, we install over a thousand fences per year in the southwest and western suburbs, helping countless customers select the perfect fence for their backyard. We understand that our customers have high expectations and standards for home improvement projects, especially when installing a new fence in their backyard. As a new customer here at Illinois Fence, you can rest assured that we will provide you with a high-quality fence at an affordable price! 

As the top-rated fence company in Oak Forest, we offer one of the broadest selections of fence materials, designs, and styles available. We also understand at the outset, most likely, you have no idea what a new fence is even going to cost you! But we do know that you do have a budget in mind for this upcoming project. Our highly trained and professional fence estimators will work closely with you to find the perfect fence for your outdoor living space without breaking the bank. 

People buy new fences for a lot of different reasons. Many people are looking to add an extra level of safety and security to their backyard. Most people want to keep children and pets while keeping unwanted visitors out. Others may want to increase the value of their home while improving the overall curb appeal of their property. Regardless of why you want to purchase a new fence, we are confident that we have the expertise and quality you’re looking for in your upcoming fence installation! 

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  • Please take some time to view our wood, vinyl, and aluminum fence photo galleries.
  • Hire Illinois Fence Company for your next fence installation project in Oak Forest.
  • We do not offer fence repair services at this time. You can get in touch with the Fence Doctors if you need a repair. 
  • We do provide commercial fence installation to some businesses on a case-by-case basis. 
  • The first step in the process is to call our office at 708-856-8999 to schedule your free estimate, as your Oak Forest Fence Contractor Expert we insure customer to get the highest quality service you ever need!

Recent Oak Forest, illinois Fence Installation Project

Check out our latest vinyl fence installation in Oak Forest, IL. As a local fence company, we installed over 200ft of vinyl fencing in our customer’s backyard. The fence is referred to as Privacy Khaki Vinyl Fence. 

Why Choose Illinois Fence Company For Your Upcoming Fence Installation in oak forest, illinois?

With over 30+ fence companies in Oak Forest, IL, you may be wondering why you should choose Illinois Fence for your upcoming fence installation. We understand you have many options when deciding which local fence company to use. Below are just a few of the reasons we believe you should choose to use our company for your next project: 

  • We have over 30+ years of combined family experience in providing high-quality fence installations to the residents of Oak Forest. 
  • Our team has a thorough understanding of the fence permit rules and regulations in the city of Oak Forest. 
  • Our motto is simple, “We provide high-quality fences at affordable prices.” You can be confident that when you choose to have a fence installed by our company, you’re getting a fair and competitive price within the fencing industry. 
  • We have highly trained fence experts who will care for your property while they work as though it was their own. There is no need to worry or fret on the day of your fence installation. 

Oak Forest, il Fence Installation – Materials, Styles, And Designs Available From Illinois Fence

As we’ve mentioned already, Illinois Fence Company has one of the broadest collections of fence materials, styles, and designs available to the residents of Oak Forest. We are very confident that we can help you select the perfect fence for your backyard. A new fence that is affordable, strong, and will fit your aesthetic preferences without breaking the bank. You can rest assured that we will help you find the best fence for your unique situation and design goals at Illinois Fence Company.   

Wood Fences: Are you looking for a strong fence that will last for many years to come? But at the same time, you’re looking for one of the most affordable options. We highly suggest you consider a wood fence for your backyard! While wood fences will naturally turn grey over time, they offer a timeless look that can match the look and feel of almost any backyard living space. 

Aluminum Fences: Another relatively affordable option would be our line of aluminum fences. They are well known for being very strong and low maintenance, and they require very little, if any, upkeep after the fence installation. A new aluminum fence is sure to increase the value of your home and the overall curb appeal as well. Contact us today at 708-856-8999 to schedule your free fence estimate! 

Vinyl Fences: Vinyl fencing is well known for being virtually maintenance-free to the homeowner. Literally, with some soap, a rag, and a bucket of water, you can wash down your fence and keep it shining bright year after year! Unlike a wood fence, a vinyl fence will not fade or rot over time. Many vinyl manufacturers offer limited lifetime warranties against product defects as well. While more expensive than other fencing solutions, the many benefits you receive with vinyl make it, in most cases, worth the additional cost. 

Chain Link Fences: By far and away, the most affordable fence material, chain link fencing is the perfect solution for keeping children and pets in and unwanted visitors out without blocking the natural views in your backyard. 

Steel Fences: If strength is your primary concern, we highly recommend you consider our line of steel fencing. While it looks like aluminum, depending on the style you select, it is, in some cases, almost 4x as strong! It also comes in many different decorative designs and styles that are sure to increase the overall curb appeal of your home. Contact Illinois Fence Company today for a free fence installation estimate! 

Privacy Fences: Do you live in an area where many cars or people pass by frequently? Or maybe you have nosy neighbors that are hindering the enjoyment of your outdoor living space. A privacy fence may be the ideal solution. Most people choose to have a 6ft tall privacy fence installed to create that secluded feeling in their backyard. Would you please take a few moments to view our wood and vinyl privacy fences today and get the peace of mind you so desperately deserve? 

Swimming Pool Fences: Do you plan to have a pool installed in your backyard in the coming months or years? Did you know that you’re going to need a fence in your backyard? Well, now you do! Not only is a new fence a required safety measure, but it’s also the law in the Oak Forest! We have pool codes and requirements primarily centered around keeping young children safe around pools in Illinois. So yes, you’re going to need a fence once the new pool goes into the ground. 

Security Fences: We understand here at Illinois Fence Company that protecting your family and loved ones is of utmost importance! We can work closely with you to design and build a fence that adds that extra layer of security to your backyard. Contact us at 708-856-8999 for a free fence installation estimate today! ​

Oak Forest, il Fence Permit Rules And Regulations

Are you planning to have a fence installed in the city of Oak Forest? You want to make sure that the local fence company you chose to do business with knows the rules and regulations of the Oak Forest fence permit and installation process. Keeping your project up to code at all times is essential. There are strict guidelines for your upcoming fence installation. You don’t want to miss any of the critical details accidentally. As you move closer to having a fence installed, you want to keep the following information in mind: 

  • You’re required to obtain a fence permit in the city of Oak Forest prior to your fence installation.
  • The local fence company you choose to do the work must dig all post holes 42 inches into the ground.  
  • The finished side of the fence must face the adjoining property, and the side of the fence with posts, support, and braces must face the interior of the yard. ​

Would you please keep in mind that the above facts are just a tiny sample of the rules and regulations that apply to you as a resident of Oak Forest? You must also know that adhering to the strict guidelines is the homeowner’s sole responsibility and not the fence company doing the work. Please take some time to use the relevant web pages we have included at the bottom of this page to learn more about Oak Forest’s requirements. Here at Illinois Fence, we thoroughly understand how to keep your project in compliance from start to finish, so don’t hesitate to contact us for your upcoming fence installation. We can help you stay up to code at all times. 

About Oak Forest, IL

According to the 2010 census, a little over 27,000 residents called Oak Forest their home city. Located about 24 miles southwest of downtown Chicago in the Bremen Township, Oak Forest is part of Cook County. In the 1800s, they started referring to this land as the “Oak Forest” because of its abundance of trees.

Oak Forest, illinois City Hall

15440 Central Ave
Oak Forest, IL 60452
Phone: 708-687-4050

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Oak Forest Fence Permit

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About Oak Forest, IL

Oak Forest is a city in Cook County, Illinois, United States. The city is out 24 miles (39 km) south-southwest of downtown Chicago in Bremen Township. Per the 2020 census, the population was 27,478. == History == Human habitation in Oak Forest began during the early Holocene. This is made evident by the remains of hunting camps on what would become the grounds of the city's hospital. Several millennia later, the final known indigenous settlement in Oak Forest, a Potawatomi longhouse village, was established nearby. However, it was abandoned by the 1620s.The origins of present-day Oak Forest begins with a railroad whistle stop on the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad 1 block south of the intersection of 167th street and Central Avenue which primarily served area dairy farmers. This stop was located in a largely forested area of what was previously known as the Cooper's Grove Stand of Timber. By the 1880s this particular area of timber was being referred to as the "Oak Forest" due to its abundance of oak trees. A section of the former "Cooper's Grove Road" paralleling the railroad track from 66th Court to 167th Street in Tinley Park became known as "Oak Forest Avenue," because it was the road from the Village of Bremen/New Bremen (now Tinley Park) that lead to this "Oak Forest." In 1907, Cook County approved construction of a second county poor farm and infirmary on a site generally at the southeast corner of 159th Street and Cicero Avenue to address overcrowding conditions at the County Poor Farm in Dunning on the northwest side of Chicago.

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Reviews for Illinois Fence Company Oak Forest, IL

Illinois Fence Company Reviews

sue zyla

starstarstarstarstar (5)

We love our fence! Carmen was so nice and professional. He didn't even mind my excessive questions. The men that came to install the fence were so quick and professional. They made sure to keep me in the loop with a couple minor snags. They were resolved quickly and with my approval. I would highly recommend this company.

Illinois Fence Company Reviews

Adam Sunderhaus

starstarstarstarstar (5)

Jason & his entire team were amazing to work with. The team did a great job with my fence. As anyone should do, I reached out to multiple fence company’s and not only was Illinois Fence Company price the best, I never once felt like it was a sales pinch or forced into picking their product. To me the little things mean the most, whether it was being 100% transparent with re scheduling due to weather or for simply filling out the village fence application permit so that I could easily take it to my village for approval. Thanks again for the great work!

Illinois Fence Company Reviews

Mary Sanders

starstarstarstarstar (5)

We are very happy with our decision to hire Illinois Fence Company to install our new cedar fence. Jason was very thorough, professional, transparent, and honest. He helped us evaluate different options, and ultimately decide on the best fence for us. Would highly recommend!

Illinois Fence Company Reviews

Michael Wisniewski

starstarstarstarstar (5)

Jason showed up on the day of our scheduled appointment and provided an estimate the same day. I called him a couple times with questions which he answered behind going ahead with the proposal. NO sales pressure at all which was nice. Just courteous professional service. The crew came out on the scheduled day and removed the old fence and installed the new one. A 6 ft Cedar, with 5x5 posts that were set in concrete. Very sturdy, well built and very well installed

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